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Springy Things 'R' US was established in 1956 to provide zinc plated carbon steel clothespin springs. We have onsite equipment including CNC, Stamping and Spring Coiling Machines.

Springy Things 'R' US uses the latest technology in automated production of clothespin springs. We can achieve precise coils of wire with superb torsion energy providing exceptional quality.

Springy Things 'R' US can be contacted to produce designs using the latest in spring technology. Simply submit a draft idea and we can deliver a prototype to meet various needs and requirements.

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We supply Talon Textile Fasteners with clothespin springs and have a good working relationship with them. Springy Things R US has a compatible ticketing system in place and sends additional materials using a just-in-time delivery system.

Spring Things 'R' US has sophisticated control systems to ensure quality and consistency. We provude high quality torsion springs manufactured with high-speed processing.

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